Skyhawk Trails

The Skyhawk trail system project, consisting of nearly 10 miles of trails, began in July of 2015 with the generous assistance of Kubota, Union City, TN.

The purpose and motivation to create the trail system is twofold. Initially, the safety of our student-athletes is our top priority. The trails system creates an environment where our athletes can enjoy their training without the danger of vehicular traffic. Secondly, injury prevention, is a very important aspect of our training philosophy. The trail system allows the athletes to avoid preventable overuse injuries, largely linked to running on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete, which leads to consistent and progressive training.    

A former railway bed is the basis and inspiration for the Skyhawk Trails. Lined with mature trees, the Skyhawk Trails are shaded and stay cool when needed. Rolling hills blend seamlessly into open flat stretches that cater to all athletes.